Case Study

Booming Business Growth

Clanwilliam Aged Care, Brisbane

The Brief

Clanwilliam Aged Care has a rich history of success spanning some 40 years in aged care and nursing, but huge competitive forces in the market created a need to become more visible within the Brisbane marketplace.


Clanwilliam engaged us to develop a marketing and branding strategy that would exploit gaps in the competition’s ‘big business’ nature, to position the company as the provider that truly ‘cares’ for families seeking aged care in Brisbane.


Our ethos is about finding the unique elements of our clients, and pouring all the marketing efforts into these qualities, and Clanwilliam’s ‘family owned and operated’ nature, provided a huge point of difference in a market where families want to ensure their loved ones aren’t just going to be another number to huge multinational companies.

Services We Provided

Market Research

Marketing Strategy

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PPC Advertising


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Our Solution

Like most of our briefs, our work with Clanwilliam began with a strategy workshop in which the following became the way forward:


  • Via a company re-brand, position Clanwilliam as the ‘family provider’ in a market full of large corporate players in the Brisbane marketplace


  • The market has grown some distrust for bigger providers amid the treatment of residents, so displaying the family force behind the company was crucial to conveying the level of care and trust families can place in Clanwilliam


  • Target all marketing activities, not at the 70-80 plus age demographic, but at the 40-50 age bracket, knowing that sons and daughters often have to make the first move to place parents in aged care


  • Understanding that it would be difficult to compete with the marketing budgets of competitors like Bupa and Aveo, our strategy digitally was to target specific searches made by Brisbane users that would bring the best results and prospective residents through the website


  • Funnel almost all marketing spend into activities that increase the company’s visibility online, including Google Ads, SEO, Google My Business Reviews, etc

The Results


online users over 3 months


organic search rankings from beyond Page 4 to Page 1


clickthrough rate for ‘health and medical’ industry average

We carried out a complete marketing and branding overhaul to address the client’s low awareness in the expanding Brisbane aged care marketplace, with excellent results for their facilities:


  • Directed more than 1,500 online users at Clanwilliam’s website over a 3-month period


  • Funnelled 580 unique users from our Google Ads direct to two of their facilities with admissions needs


  • Made the company visible to the Brisbane market online by improving organic search rankings from beyond Page 4 to Page 1


  • Achieved a Google Ads clickthrough rate 5x better than ‘health and medical’ industry average


  • Once a non-existent sales tool, now over 10% of visitors to the contact page leave their details and become qualified sales leads

  • Grew the number of people visiting the website without increasing advertising spend

To find out more, you can visit their website, which we developed in line with their goal to be seen as the ‘family player’ and unique to the competition in every way.

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