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Is print advertising dead?

Does advertising in the paper still work?

‘Print is dead’ – the words heard time and time again. But is it really time to turn the switch on print advertising? In an era where digital marketing is king, is it still worth your time to develop a print advertising campaign?

Let’s investigate.

Print advertising is everywhere, from magazines and newspapers, to letterbox flyers and posters. The practice dates back as early as the 1700’s and has well and truly proven over the decades that a fantastic print campaign can reap the benefits.

Print advertising is a great way to directly reach out to your target audience. With publications available to reach pretty much any target audience, not to mention targeted sections throughout publications, proper placements of your ads allow you to effectively your audience. Consider who you want to reach, what their hobbies and interests may be and their demographic before deciding on a placement for your ad. It is also worthwhile to research potential publications and consider where your brand would fit accordingly.

Print advertisements can establish and maintain credibility for your brand. Typically, readers associate advertisements seen in newspapers and magazines with the credibility of the publication. Digital advertisements can sometimes be linked a decrease of credibility for brands. With digital advertising, especially social media advertisements, brands are susceptible to receiving online hate from ‘Troll’s’ on their advertisement, opening up an opportunity for customers to share negative experiences about your brand.

Another great aspect of print advertisement, is the ability to be as creative or as informative as you like (well, as long as it transpires with the publications T&C’s). Unlike digital advertising, where users will be scrolling through their feed at 50km an hour until something they see draws in their attention, readers of print advertisement prove to be more focused. That means, you have the ability to make your advertisements a little more wordy and informative. However, make sure you add a little creativity to make your advertisement stand out from the crowd.

Print advertising still has quite a few years left under its wing in our books.

Like all advertising, the most important thing is to do your research first and find out what medium you could best reach your target audience. There are so many opportunities for great advertising campaigns both with print and digital mediums, utilise these opportunities to make the most out of your campaigns.

Published on April 12, 2018 by Jordan Fitzgerald