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Pick the right social media

Which social network best suits my business’ marketing?

So, you’ve decided to take a chance and launch your business on Facebook – great decision! Before you get started, there’s a few things you should consider before jumping in and setting up your account/s.

Social Media is not a one size fits all package. What works for other businesses, may not work for your business. The most important thing to do before you start up on Social Media is … you guessed it, research.

There are a short list of questions you need to answer for yourself before getting started:

  • Who are you going to target?

  • What Social Networks do they use?

  • What does your business aim to get from using Social Media? (think increased sales, more sign ups, promotion for products, sales, events)

  • What brand image to you want to convey?

  • What budget are you working with? (Some social media activity comes with a cost)

  • Do you have time to run Social Media effectively? Or who in your team can manage it?

Take your time to research your target audience and develop a clear understanding of their demographics, Geographic’s, characteristics and motivations. Having an in-depth understanding of your target audience will allow you to effectively develop your content to appeal to your audience and also work out what Social Media you should use to appeal to your target audience.


Everybody knows Facebook. With over 94% of Social Media users connected to the platform, its reach is undeniable as the most popular Social Network – but is it right for you?

Facebook gives businesses the ability to create diverse content, with photo, video, live-streaming and the ability to create fantastic targeted advertisements through Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook has made their fortune by making a high level advertising platform available to all businesses, and it’s possibly the most targeted advertising available today.

Past advertising and exposure, Facebook’s biggest plus is how it enables businesses to stay connected with customers on the platform, staying active and replying to customer’s comments in a timely manner is a great way to publicly show the care your company gives towards customers.

Target: All Social Media users. Notably, there is not a large difference between age demographics of users on the network; however, Facebook also has the largest amount of users over 50, with 94% of Social Media users within that age bracket connected to the site – a true anomaly for users in this age demographic concerning social media.

Best for: Any business that benefits from posting updates to its clients. Reminders about sales, menu changes, photos of a job just completed etc. An accountant might use it to keep clients in the know of upcoming BAS deadlines, a carpenter might use it to showcase a new house just built, or a hairdresser might use it to post special offers for the month of June. We repeat, diverse options for diverse business needs.


As the most visual Social Network, businesses using Instagram need to have a visual product/service in which to promote. The app’s users love following pages that offer aesthetic and engaging content – so if you want to make a move here, best ensure you have the right content to appeal to users. Instagram is a great platform to become involved in if collaborating with influencers is a priority. For example, make up companies make a killing on Instagram by teaming up with models and makeup tutorial bloggers who have social followings of 5,6 and even 7 figure scale.

Posting photos, videos and 24 hour temporary ‘stories’ is the primary focus of Instagram. As a co-company of Facebook, you also have the ability to share Facebook advertisements on Instagram. The two work together very well.

Target: 18 – 29 year olds aka Millennials and Gen Y. 81% of 18 – 29 year old Social Media users are connected to Instagram, the platform is also popular with 30 – 39 years olds with 56% of Social Media users actively connected to Instagram.

Best for: Businesses who can create aesthetic content. Think clothing boutiques and hospitality businesses such as restaurants and cafes. A plumber, lawyer or accountant isn’t likely to get a lot of benefit from Instagram, given there’s limited visual content these businesses can promote in their day to day. But a landscaper who just finished a garden project, a food truck who wants to promote a new menu or a pet clothing company who wants to post picture of their products might just flourish on Instagram.


The Social Network for professionals, LinkedIn provides a number of great opportunities for B2B marketing as well as personal brand development. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a big B2C focus, but LinkedIn is very much peer to peer/B2B driven.

LinkedIn is a great way to market your brands services to specific industry professionals and relevant businesses. I.e. if as a dental supplies company, you wanted to specifically target dentists and oral hygienists, LinkedIn’s landscape would enable your posts to go specifically to these people.

Target: Professionals over 30. LinkedIn in the only Social Network to have the highest of percentage of users over 30, so take advantage of this and develop informative content to appeal to this market.

Best for: B2B oriented businesses with a niched, professional target market. For example, if you were running a speech writing company, you would consider LinkedIn a gold mine to specifically target CEOs, Directors and so on, who throughout the course of the year may have to make presentations at major events.


Now that you should have a solid understanding on which Social Network your business should engage in, make it a priority to have a strong commitment to nourishing your Social Media presence. This means, responding to customer comments and messages, monitoring advertising campaigns, posting regularly and on top of all of that, make sure everything you do on Social Media positively conveys your brand image.

Social Media is an exciting opportunity for your business and if used effectively will provide you with limitless opportunities. If the thought of running your own Social Media is still a little daunting, Marketplace Strategy Solutions can help you develop dynamic content and campaigns to promote your brand image in the most effective way.

Published on May 25, 2018 by Jordan Fitzgerald